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Next Holiday Plan

Hasya: Hey, Alya, can I ask you something?
Alya: Sure, what do you want to ask?
Hasya: How long has it been since our first day in high school? I feel like it has been so long.
Alya: I guess about a month. But it certainly feels so long. Makes me can't wait for the next holiday.
Hasya: Haha true, by the way, what is your plan for the next holiday? Have you planned on going somewhere?
Alya: Yes, I will go to my hometown in Garut, I will go to Papandayan mountain with my cousin, we will go at the end of the year, we climb the mountain because it's my hobby and people say that the place is very nice, I think that will be a great holiday, haha
Hasya: Wow, that seems interesting! Compare to my plan for the holiday. I have never been to Garut before, what it is like there?
Alya: I think there is not much to tell. The environment is nice. It is a lot colder and the air is a lot more fresh in there.
Hasya: That's nice! It must be because there are not many air pollution in there, …
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Being Helped

I'm going to tell you about one of the desperate moment I had, but, luckily was helped by someone.
This is my story
It was during Junior High School when I was in 8 grade. I joined the Red Cross organization as an extracurricular. The Red Cross and the Scouts held an annual activity at school. We camp for three nights and train together.  That time, I was appointed as one of the committees. I was in charge of the food storage and responsible for the kitchen appliances during the activity. All went well on the first day. Although I was really exhausted and tired, there was no problem. What really hit me was on the second day. It was a really tiring day for me. I had to work nonstop since dawn. Me and my team prepared breakfast since dawn, about 3 am and after the breakfast, we have to wash all of the dirty dishes, which is in total a hundred of them. It was very exhausting for a three man team. Luckily, there is another team who helped us. I feel so grateful. The job became a lot f…


*in a public library*

Hasya: "Excuse me, I'm trying to find this book but I can't find it. Could you help me?"
Alya:   "Sure, I'm searching that book too. Let's search it now."
Hasya: "Thanks. My name is Hasya. And you are?"
Alya:   "I'm Alya nice to meet you. By the way, your face looks familiar, have we met before?"
Hasya: "If I'm not mistaken I have seen you somewhere near my school."
Alya:   "What school are you from?"
Hasya: "I'm from 3 High School."
Alya:   "I go to that school too!"
Hasya: "Which class are you in?"
Alya:   "I'm in class X Science 3."
Hasya: "We're in the same class then!"
Alya:   "Really? How come I never see you in class?"
Hasya: "I always sit in the back row haha."
Alya:   "By the way, have you found the book?"
Hasya: "No I haven't. How about you."
Alya:   "Ah, there …

It's My Story

Hello! Let me introduce myself.
My name is Hasya Arwa Ainayya, you can call me Hasya. I'm 15 years old. I was born on 24 January 2002 in Bandung. I studied at Priangan Elementary School and 5 Junior High School and now, I study at 3 High School Bandung.

I have one older sister and two younger sisters. We live in Jupiter Street 23. Our house is quite cramped but it is comfortable.

I have a lot of hobbies. For example, drawing, read novels, and writing. I'm also interested in many things. Such as, japanese culture, classic literature, and animation. My older sister and friends in school encouraged me to these hobbies, which I am thankful.

Honestly, I don't feel comfortable writing about myself. Most of my friends thinks that i am a quiet person. But, actually, I'm not. I'm an introverted person, if you may say. I prefer a nice and quiet environment and hangout with close friends. I don't feel confident about myself and i always stutter whenever i speak in front o…